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When it comes to milk, farmer owned fresh is as good as it gets. Marva Maid Dairy is one of the most advanced dairies in the country in the area of product quality control, processing cost and distribution efficiency. Our in-house dairy experts test our milk everyday to ensure it meets our high standards of freshness and taste, and most importantly, yours.

At Marva Maid, we own our own farms, so our milk goes quickly from the farm to your table.  Our milk never leaves our sight, so we guarantee it tastes great every time.  So, it’s true when people say our milk is so fresh it was “green grass” just hours ago.

Marva Maid milk is processed under our direct supervision, delivered in our own trucks and placed in the cooler by our own employees.  Our commitment to excellence is guaranteed at every step of the process – start to finish.  It is a commitment that has made Marva Maid one of America’s most popular milk brands anywhere.

This website is designed to provide an easy way for you to stay informed about our growing list of milk products, popular recipes and locations where high-quality Marva Maid milk is available.